We make Innovation

Because our mission is to give every company, no matter the size, the opportunity to innovate and help build a better future.

How do we do this?

End-to-End solutions

Everything you need to launch new digital products and services. Software development, UX/UI, Product Management, Devops, QA, etc.

Highly engaged talent

Our teams become part of yours. They are committed to be an integral part of your success and make things right.

Just one screen away

We are a near-shore firm that work in your time-zone, speak your language and use your communication channels making collaboration fast, simple and convenient.

Tailored to your needs

We adapt to your workflow and preferred collaboration tools and can contribute if needed with our experience in Agile methodologies.

Without breaking the bank

we are frugal so you can do more with less, but never compromising quality.

Check out what we’ve built for our clients

Our mission

Give every company the opportunity to innovate, by identifying, training and retaining the best tech & digital talent in developing countries, and them deploy them with precision in ways that exceeds our client’s expectations.

Our services

End-To-End Innovation Enablers, helping your company unlock it’s full innovation potential.

Dedicated Tech (full/partial) Squads

We create multi-disciplinary, remote (near-shore) Tech Squads that become part of your team. They adapt to your workflows and are trained on Agile methodologies to deliver continuous value. We believe that well-trained remote teams bring clients the opportunity to increase innovation output by accessing a greater / more diverse pool of talent, while reducing the cost of development.

On-Demand Software Development

At our core, we are software developers excited about building digital products and solutions using the latest technologies and agile methodologies. We provide end-to-end capabilities to deliver on your technical requests. Product Management, Tech Architecture, Front / Back End Development, DevOps &  QA

Venture Building

We partner with companies to co-launch new digital businesses that leverage core assets of the company (distribution channels, customer base, industry knowledge, proprietary technology, etc). We take the co-created ideas into MLP’s (Most Lovable Product) aiming to find product market fit and scale in the leanest possible way. As startup founders ourselves, we love getting things from 0 to 1.